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Adult cruise dating services

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To avoid paying a single supplement, consider asking a friend to go on the cruise with you or look for cruises that offer roommate matching.

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Or maybe you're like my husband, who throws a bunch of clothes into a carry-on at midnight Having fun in port doesn't mean you have to shell out a ton of money on shore excursions or private tours.If your senior singles cruise includes special activities, meals or excursions for the group, you may pay more for your ticket than you would if you simply booked your cruise and sailed solo.You will also pay more, as you would on any cruise, if you reserve a stateroom for a solo traveler, like those onboard the Norwegian Epic, or choose to occupy a double occupancy stateroom alone.Some singles cruises also offer pre-cruise events, where singles can get to know each other before the actual cruise.Each singles cruise company will differ in their policies and what is covered within their fee.Depending on where you cruise, there are a number of activities that allow you to relax, explore or get a taste of the culture free of charge.

A singles cruise is an organized cruise that is booked, planned, and hosted by a travel agency or cruise ship geared especially towards solo travelers.

All you need to do is show up at the special senior singles events and introduce yourself. On the other hand, you just might meet a few like-minded people who are interested in future travel opportunities.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a travel roommate and save some money on your next cruise?

What better way to meet new friends who share your interests?

Some cruise lines hire gentleman hosts, whose job it is to dance with and talk to single women.

In my work as a travel writer, I get more questions from single senior women than from any other group of readers, and those questions generally involve cruises and related topics, such as finding roommates and coping with single supplements.