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Andhra real friendship girls number

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They stink from 10 miles distancebrahmins are best Our predicessors must have had an inkling into the poor state of Bhramins throughout India to-day.

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We talk about Kashmiri Pandits becoming strangers in Jammu and Kashmir.They are selfish, Simply wearing Janeva ( Poonul) is inidcatng birth to a brahmin couple and not worthful brahmin. Keep the golden advice Sarve Janans sukhinobavandu.. Sun is heat Moon is having dark shadow, inspite of that the Sun and moon are God always helpful to protect all living things.Vedaandago Brahmnat mean correctly study the Vedas and encourage Patshala system to develope other may be any community. It is a true fact that only Iyers have won 3 nobel prizes. Iyer Oh Rama should save the pitty Brahmin hitted by the surroundings.2.5% Tamils bramins produce so much 10 cricketers then we need to ensure at least 400 non-brahmin cricketers should represent India.Growing up in 80s and 90s, Doordarshan was dominated by this minority.We need to bring other communities also on par with them.

Reservation is an excellent tool to improve the livelihood of millions of poor people.

Venkatesh is right that these tamilbramhins who were chased away by fellow tamils are not willing to come back and invest in tamilnadu and are investing in other cities.

It is true that Brahmins have prospered and enriched Tamil Nadu for long. All Tamil cricketers representing India have been Brahmins.

The Tamil Brahmins find themselves alienated in their own land.

With more than 75% of the younger generation of Tamil Brahmins having moved to foreign land in pursuit of job / education and others scattered across different parts of India, it is an easy guess that population of Tamil Brahmins in Tamil Nadu is steadily waning.

Not a single house in the “Agraharam” belongs to a Brahmin. A child born to Tamil Brahmin parents asks his mother, ‘Mother, what is an agraharam? The distraught mother promises her child that she will rather take him to the exhibition/ museum, as she herself is unable to answer the question.