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It is becoming an element of Catholic lore that RCIA is commonly led or organized by someone who is a “type B” Catholic as described above.These people don’t seem to understand how zealous these converts can be. I know many who have had wonderful RCIA experiences, but I know many more who had to defend the Catholic faith while taking RCIA.

If you’re still stuck with finding that perfect ceremony space, we’ve rounded up 10 of the absolute, hands-down, BEST ceremony spots on the Tweed Coast for you below!It goes without saying that most ministers take a major pay cut when they become Catholic. #5 Vocational confusion It was difficult at first to admit that my Anglican priesthood was invalid. Why did God let me function sacramentally with people who were deeply hurting.I wasn’t a priest long, but I heard confessions, anointed the dying, etc. I still don’t know how to “classify” those ministerial acts.Keep reading for our top picks, and some helpful details to help you secure your dream location.Nestled on the banks of the Tweed River, you’ll find this quaint white chapel situated in Tumbulgum.If the new Catholic prays extemporaneously, then it’s “We don’t do that.” If the convert quotes Scripture about something, they frown upon this, too.

Some Catholics also seem to think that it is helpful to ridicule my past as a non-Catholic, as if that would somehow validate me as now “one of them.” Some Catholics just love to hear converts bash their former faith. Type B is the cradle-Catholic who is less committed to the distinctives of the Catholic faith. These converts are overly-concerned with dogma and truth. #2 RCIA (Rite for Christian Initiation of Adults) RCIA must have been invented so that every conversion to the Catholic Church might somehow be miraculous.

At one point in life I felt that I was too good for all those people who respected the Infant of Prague. Why join a religion where adherents air brush images of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the hoods of their lowriders?

(I grew up in Texas…) One Protestant gentlemen even told me that he couldn’t be Catholic because it was “the religion of the masses.” I asked him what he meant, and the term “Mexicans” was employed in his reply.

In our humble opinion, it truly is one of the best locations for couples to tie the knot.

So if you’re planning a wedding on the Tweed, it seems only natural to showcase the region to your guests with an incredible ceremony spot!

I’d love to hear what you think are the obstacles to Catholicism. Get a free copy of my book Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages and receive free email updates from me by clicking here.