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I found myself skimming over majority of the scenes. Nah, honestly you get such a nice peaceful feeling after watching the romance between the main characters~~~ Aigoo~~~~~ too nice ^.^!! :( i wish they would extent it( and i know it is not possible) but anyway hoping for a very happy ending... However Chae Soo Bin (soo ah) is actually SUCH a good actress, i mean think about it. Amma right or amma right EPISODE 9: I really don't like kwon so ah... Don't know what the PDnims are trying to do cause my feels and shipping just can't take this man! The ending of ep 8 was kinda beautiful too seriously. ) I'm kinda new to the cast (tho I knew Eunji by name).

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If they aired it after the exam period, I'm sure it would have been a great hit!! Wish them all the best in their future projects the most thing that can make me keep watching this drama till the end is only kim yeol's face~ if only the one that played yeon doo was prettier~~ lol. But after watching the finale, i was convinced that 12 episodes were just perfect for this drama. I wish that part would have blown me away but it didn't. OHH IAM GONNA MISS THIS SHOW ❤ LOVE THIS DRAMA SO MUCH!!! it teaches me what friendship really is, and what should be done when we're 18 (hahaha). This drama is great and we can learn the bond of friendship in school.not even eunji can save this drama her character is totally contrast to other kids, which is not realistic.I hate to say that director of this drama really sucks, you should pick much better actor to play roles like the teacher,eunji mom, yeol mom.i normally don't favor "short" dramas as if its too good i want more. You won't regret watching it :) Late comment, I know. Love Jung Eun Ji's and Lee Won Geun's decent acting and also Chae Soo Bin,waah you're freaking good playing antogonist in here. Since last year, I've always heard good ratings about this show and I finally decided to watch it! ) Omg this drama really unpredictable I really like this drama so so much but unfortunately there's a bit romance kiss in it lol x D however if they include it with Kang Yeon doo and Kim Yeol kisses more realistic it'll be the best omg really really love this drama and all the characters @virzhania 09 Well if their parents break up for the sake of their children's happiness,then that'll be a sad ending.Everything feels forced from the plot to character development. i really love this drama,not only about love,but friendship,and family.. eventhough i hate Sooah, i hope she will become a better person and treat her friedns better.. Thank you Cheer Up team, thank you very much for this fantastic drama. Gotta be honest that the ending of ep 8 was definitely very beautiful and my feels when haywire at that point of time but then things like this is just so unfair.

The first two episodes are incoherent, inconsistent, very dragged. and ofcourse about the love line, Kim Yeol -Kang Yeon Doo couple is born and i am happy for them.2 more episodes to go.. I really love this drama, and I KNOW Kwon Soo Ah is suchhhhhh a b*tch, her mother just influences her so much and the audience literally hates her guts, ESPECIALLY IN EPISODE 9 THE FEELS... I mean, there are times when I ship "Ha Doo" soooo bad like the ending of ep 8 but then there are times that I ship "Yeol Doo" so bad too like when they were studying together and Kim Yeol start to fall for Yeon Doo!

That headmaster is really really sucks, i mean damn sucks! -_-" I started watching this drama and I just can't stop.

even the set for this drama not good, not realistic. damn, he just stand around the corner and said a dialog simple plain like that. though i know that she's doing that because of the expectations of her mother. Literally watched ep 1 all the way till ep 8 in 1 day cause it was just THAT GOOD!!

this may not be the best drama but it was so much fun to watch, not stressful (altho Ha Joon getting beat up was quite stressful for me) but it was very much entertaining. I really don't expect at first but I was delighted in every episode and I had so much fun in watching it. If you want to give yr opinion pls give it in nice way.

I desperately want to see Eunji, Ji Soo, and Lee Won Geun in another romcom. Yeah, it's not realistic, that's why it is called a drama, not all dramas are realistic though. :) There may be flaws in this making this drama but still you can't deny how much supporters it has. They understand so well what you want so pls mind yr words.

I don't usually miss a kdrama this much, but I really miss this kdrama alot with my wholeheart. Those three and also Ji Soo will go really far in the industry: D Finished watching this drama. this is absolutely one of my top 10 korean dramas this year. this writer has made an amazing plot with just 12 episodes. The chemistry between actors and actresses were superb and fantastic!! Eunji unnie,saranghae I just finished Oh My Ghost and it was such a wonderful drama but now I'm stuck between two drama's to watch I Remember You and this!