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Camp holiday martin sexton

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It gives the impression his media profile may continue to be greater than his professional impact. Some of Pogba’s games at the end of last season, particularly the Europa League final and a friendly for France against England, were outstanding.

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But neither is the push and pull of an overcrowded schedule or the fact that for the money invested, TV is entitled to insist on its say.As well as those Newcastle fixtures, Huddersfield play at West Ham on a Monday night and Manchester City go to Bournemouth for a Saturday lunchtime.Leicester fans must battle through London’s Friday night rush hour to make the opening fixture of the season at Arsenal. What times are less ridiculous, but still compatible with TV audiences?While the bluesy force of Sexton's voice is on full display here, especially on "O Christmas Tree" and "Blue Christmas," he makes a point of not overwhelming his material (all covers except for one new number, the sly and funky "Welcome to the Camp"), and there's a homey warmth and good humor to this album that speaks of the relaxed familiarity of a good Christmas get-together.Since this is the first release from Martin Sexton in three years, some fans may have had higher hopes for Camp Holiday than just a casual collection of yuletide favorites, but while this is a very low-key album, it's also the sort of Christmas album that is likely to appeal to even the cynical -- it's short on showy piety and sentimentality and long on simple good vibes, and will still be in rotation around your house long after Kenny G.At best, toe down, those travelling by motorway will not be home until midnight — in reality, probably much later.

There is only so much a supporter should have to do for his club and being up until 2am before a working Monday twice in the same month exceeds the bounds of loyalty.

Anyone who has braved the late-night roadworks on the M3 recently will know that Southampton to anywhere after 10pm is no picnic. One imagines it is part of the badge of honour of following the club.

Making Southampton v Watford the Monday fixture instead of West Ham and Huddersfield relocates misery, rather than removing it. That’s why the Toon Army is regarded more highly than the team.

The liner notes say this collection of Christmas songs was "unproduced by Martin Sexton and Crit Harmon," and that line goes a long way toward explaining its charm.

While Martin Sexton has a well-earned reputation as a performer with energy and passion to spare, Camp Holiday is a loose and relaxed acoustic session that sounds like a friendly guitar pull taking place in your living room, with a few mugs of well-spiked egg nog within easy reach and even a few relatives on hand chiming in with backing vocals (most notably Sexton's dad, who pops up on two tracks).

Yet following Newcastle will always carry a logistical burden.