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Husserl considered the modern period to culminate in his phenomenology.

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In 1910 he moved to Vienna, where he gained a doctorate in political science.Yet Voegelin broke from Husserl in 1943, after reading the latter's last book and by Hegel, Comte, and Marx.Husserl saw an irrelevant epoch of prehistory prior to the appearance of Greek philosophy, the only phase to which he gave importance in the very lengthy period before Descartes.During the 1930s, all except one of the Christian clergy he knew were Nazis.(3) He exposed himself to danger in being unwilling to align himself with Hitler's cause.This was much in contrast to the example of Heidegger, who joined the Nazi party and stayed in Germany (though eventually encountering censure).

Voegelin's struggle with the fact/value dichotomy in Western thought grew acute.

However, it was not merely the "will to power" that aroused his disdain.

Although a Lutheran in his upbringing, Voegelin came to distrust the ecclesiastical establishment.

Voegelin likewise assimilated Schopenhauer, and became familiar with the (1927) proved influential.

Yet Voegelin later concluded that this existentialist drastically circumscribed the reality of "world-transcendent being." (2) During 1933-38 at Vienna, Voegelin read extensively in the literature of the neo-Thomist movement.

The First Intellectual History of Ancient Israel 4. 200 BCE, in which the foundations of world religions were established, a process he conceived in terms of an advance towards the universal.