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Cougar sex dating

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That aversion, in turn, is rankling so-called cougars.

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Plus, women say a younger man carries less emotional baggage, tries harder at romance, and exhibits refreshingly equitable views on gender roles. ") Men say they love that older women don't play mind games, and their established careers are inspiring—not emasculating.JC Davies was an equity research analyst at Goldman Sachs and then at RIM Securities before she lost her job in finance in the fall of 2008. introduces herself on her website site: "She spent more than a decade managing money and writing stock opinions on Wall Street.Quite the fire-cracker, 40-something year old Davies, instead of scrounging around for another Wall Street gig, decided to write a self-help book. Dealbreaker brought this extraordinary woman to our attention yesterday, after receiving a promotional email about the book. After the market downturn of 2008, she began focusing on her other area of expertise: interracial dating."She has more than 20 years of experience dating men of different cultures, including: Latino, Asian, Jewish, Black and Middle Eastern men.She lives in Midtown Manhattan with her boyfriend and geriatric cat." If there was ever a woman who personified the phrase, truth is stranger than fiction, it's Davies. C., a Harvard grad, explains that she's not your typical author: Most famous authors seem to have a reputation as drunken recluses estranged from their f-cked up family. I am not a recluse, although I sometimes living among the millions in NYC I think I might like to be. Davies says she ventured far and wide to collect her trove of personal stories - Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Connecticut and "Jersey baby." But she didn't make it to Staten Island - "A girl has to have her limits." Other highlights from her site include, In fact.A more common (and intuitive) theory maintains that these couples aren't at the same desirability level, a mismatch we find aversive.

Men can reproduce late in life, so an older man with a nubile woman makes more evolutionary sense than an older woman with a man in his prime.

But when I was researching my book I found out that I was pretty much categorically, across-the-board wrong about Asian women.

For those of you who can resist purchasing the book, there's always her blog posts.

The cougar craze has reached a fever pitch, with Hollywood rolling out productions that manage to both glamorize and mock the archetype.

Witness Courteney Cox as the hot-but-hapless cradle-robber in .

You might think the cougar backlash stems from the fear of older women poaching guys from young women. Humans developed aversions to sex between family members, so seeing a young man with his arm around a more senior woman might touch on the same incest associations and leave people feeling squeamish.