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Daryn jones and nicole holness dating

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The pride I had for myself for finally remembering an interview time, and knowing I wouldn't be late for my upcoming phone call from famed country/ western singer George Canyon, was fading away faster than it had initially came.George would be phoning in ten minutes, and I still had to get home.

” For him, no artists really stood out as his inspirations.There's George, with life as a musician and media figure, constantly being asked for some of his time (while also trying to have a personal life), and myself, still in school with a bombardment of other interviews to plan, and work on top.Our date was finally decided, when I received an email from Karen the night before. We began re-planning, and in that time Karen forwarded me a statement that George had released, stating that for a few personal reasons, he would longer be attempting to run for public office in 2015.It had all started at work one day, when I was checking Twitter on my phone...“Oh cool, hey Diana”, I said to my boss, in preparation to tell her something that she probably wouldn't find all that interesting, “you know country singer George Canyon?As soon as I answered, the voice on the other end spoke...

Admittedly, I then said some choice words very loud.

At this point, she wouldn't confirm an interview, wanting to see some of my other work first, but I was glad I had a foot in the door.

I sent Karen the links to my interviews with famed sex educator Sue Johanson, and with Thomas Cardinal Collins, the Archbishop of Toronto.

Their stories, together with the stories from his favourite singers, began to shape his outlook on life.

“You try and create the best music you can, and then just try to get your voice heard.

Canadian Stories is an independently operated blog by 19 year old Cody Groat, in preparation for the upcoming Canadian Stories book (also by Cody), which details his adventure meeting some of Canada's coolest people- from Prime Minister Paul Martin, to astronaut Marc Garneau, television star Kenny Hotz (Kenny vs Spenny) and even Paulette Bourgeois, creator of Franklin the Turtle!