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Dating before divorce final

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I resent any suggestion that we are less of a family now that it’s just the three of us.

It was an unplanned pregnancy and sort of the final straw, as we were feeling the strain of looking after the first baby and both knew the relationship wasn’t working.He proposed 12 weeks after our first date and we married the following year.We realised even before we had children that we weren’t compatible, but I was brought up to think that you just make the best of the situation and muddle through.I think he’s an amazing person, but I just don’t love him.Relate really impressed upon us how being organised was a great way of setting up a solid basis of communication with your ex-partner.But when pictures of him kissing actress Mila Kunis recently surfaced in the press, Demi is said to have been devastated.‘Each time Demi hears about Ashton and Mila it breaks her heart,’ says a close friend of Demi.

‘She really loved him despite the flaws in their marriage and to see him dating someone new, who is so much younger than she is, is like a knife in her heart’With my divorce, there was no cheating involved; we’d just drifted apart.

There was no fighting – the lawyers said it was the friendliest divorce they’d ever seen.

I run my own business so I have my own money, but he is so honourable and will always provide for our children.

Because of the children, erasing my ex from my life has never been an option – and I have wished it was – but on the other hand I’m sure that having to work through our issues, rather than running away from one another, is more emotionally healthy in the long run.

Everyone seems to think divorce is much tougher with children involved, but I honestly can’t imagine what I would have done if I had gone through this without mine.

And the fact that there has already been a divorce in my own family has helped me to see that, though not ideal, this is not the end of the world. So my pride and – because the love had gone – my heart are still very much intact, which is a pretty good starting point.