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In his book, however, Fleury lifts the lid on the entire harrowing tale, beginning when the Manitoba coach recruited him at 13 from his minor hockey team in Russell, Man., to play junior in Winnipeg.“Graham was on me once or twice a week for the next two years,” Fleury writes of the assaults, whose memories remain vivid to him.

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Until the book, former Boston Bruin Sheldon Kennedy had been the only player to go public about being abused by James.“An absolute nightmare, every day of my life.” James required him to sleep two nights a week at the coach’s house, rather than with the woman with whom he’d been billetted.He tried to fight off the coach at first, wrapping himself in blankets each night and pretending to sleep as James attempted to masturbate him and give him oral sex.Through all this, he was engaged in three long-term relationships, marrying twice and having four children.But as his career progressed, stripper bars became his home away from home, he says.Between casinos and strip clubs—where he would drop thousands in a night on drinks and lap dances—he figures he burned through almost all of the US$50 million he was paid during his time in the NHL.

The details of this period reflect well on neither Fleury nor the NHL.

But the fear of James’s advances left him sleepless, and exhaustion broke him down, he writes; so too did James’s frequent warnings that, without his coach’s support, he stood little chance of playing professional hockey.

Fleury, now 41, says he was particularly vulnerable to James’s psychological manipulation because had little in the way of a family support system: his father was an alcoholic and his mother was addled by prescription sedatives. My dad was no longer a worthless drunk and my mom drugged out and helpless.” When James’s Western Hockey League team, the Winnipeg Warriors, moved to Moose Jaw, both Fleury and Kennedy went with him.

“I no longer had faith in myself or my own judgment.

And when you come down to it, that’s all a person has. ” It is an account the hockey world has long waited to hear, as Fleury’s career had been one of the most spectacularly troubled in NHL history.

Earlier reports that Fleury had been asleep in the backseat of the car when James sexually abused Kennedy in the front during that trip were true, Fleury writes. The three stayed in motels throughout the trip, he says, and the boys would have to take turns sleeping with James. “When he dropped me off at my parents’ place after that trip, that was it. I was out, home free.” Fleury says he kept the abuse a secret at the time because he was sure it would end his hockey career. I would have been stigmatized forever as the kid who was molested by his coach. “Would minor hockey have said, ‘Wow, we better watch out for Theoren and protect him because he told the truth’? It would have been James was a pervert and Fleury ‘let him’ molest him.