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However, certain codelists that were unique to 2.1 (for example codelists 7, 10 and 78) were updated as normal throughout 2015.

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Rights details should be carried in PR.21 (ONIX 2.1) OR P.21 (ONIX 3.0) as usual In the US and Canada, a book that is published primarily for use by students in school or college education as a basis for study.This Issue 37 of the Codelists is the first issue that is not compatible with 2.1, and future issues will contain only the lists for use with ONIX 3.0. This will not affect ongoing use of 2.1, which is likely to continue, using a copy of Issue 36 or earlier. This document contains ONIX for Books codelists Issue 37, intended primarily for use with ONIX 3.0.The codelists are arranged in a single table for reference and printing.While these limitations are not fully validated using the accompanying XML schemas, they may be rejected by enhanced validation in the future.The complete set of code list entries is also available in comma-separated, tab-separated, JSON and XML formats, as well as in multiple HTML files, and as XSD, RNG or DTD files integrated into the relevant schemas.A Delete instruction is only used when there is a particular reason to withdraw a record completely, eg because it was issued in error Carrying multiple copies, primarily for retailing as separate items.

The pack may be split and retailed as separate items OR retailed as a single item.

All ONIX users should note that this is the first issue of the ONIX codelists that does not include support for codelists used with ONIX version 2.1.

From the beginning of 2015, ONIX 2.1 was no longer fully supported by EDIt EUR and was termed a ‘legacy format’.

Note the ISBN-A should always be accompanied by the ISBN itself, using codes 03 and/or 15Japanese magazine identifier, similar in scope to ISSN but identifying a specific issue of a serial publication.

Five digits to identify the periodical, plus a hyphen and two digits to identify the issue Used only with comic books and other products which use the UPC extension to identify individual issues or products. For example, printed children’s books are ‘’, but the periods are normally ommited in ONIXCommon Procurement Vocabulary, uses to describe requirements for tender for public tendering and procurement within the EU.

This ‘sunset’ of support also applies to the matching Supply Update message.