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Connecticut had the heaviest tax burden – Tax Freedom Day there arrived May 13.According to the Tax Foundation, the following is a list of Tax Freedom Days in the U. since 1900: Many other organizations in countries throughout the world now produce their own "Tax Freedom Day" analysis.

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In the United States, it is annually calculated by the Tax Foundation, a Washington, D. The latest that Tax Freedom Day has occurred was May 1 in 2000.That is, the tax burdens of most Americans are substantially overstated by Tax Freedom Day.The larger tax bills associated with higher incomes increases the average tax burden above that of most Americans.The Tax Foundation has calculated Tax Freedom Day for the United States ever since, using it as a tool for illustrating the proportion of national income diverted to fund the annual cost of government programs.In 1990, the Tax Foundation began calculating the specific Tax Freedom Day for each individual state.In 1900, Tax Freedom Day arrived January 22, for an effective average total tax rate of 5.9 percent of the nation's income. states, as incomes and state and local taxes differ from state to state.

According to the Tax Foundation, the most important factor driving changes in Tax Freedom Day from year to year is growth in incomes, as the progressive structure of the U. federal tax system causes taxes as a percentage of income to rise along with inflation. In 2015, Louisiana had the lowest total tax burden, earning enough to pay all their tax obligations by April 2.

Additionally, the Tax Foundation argues that the exclusion of capital gains income is irrelevant in most years since including capital gains would only shift Tax Freedom Day by 1 percent in either direction in most years.

The need to be tax compliant in an unfamiliar environment is more important than ever.

a Brussels newspaper, compared the tax burdens of "Average Joes" in each of the 27 EU member states and projected the Tax Freedom Day for workers earning a typical wage.

Income taxes, social security contributions (by the employee and the employer) and projected VAT contributions were included in the calculations.

The Tax Foundation argues that the Tax Freedom Day calculation does not include capital gains as income because it uses income and tax data directly from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA).