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A big Mack engine will produce around 2000 ft/lbs of torque, and injudicious application of too much RPM and torque, trying to get 120 tonnes moving, will see clutch life shortened, and worse, possible tailshaft and universal joint structural damage.

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not the DM) says that driving whilst wearing flip-flops is more dangerous than high heels.Living in a warm climate I always drive in thongs ,or if taking the dog to the beach I go barefoot.The odd time I have driven with work boots on and that feels strange. Racing drivers wear very thin boots for better feel. The old Aussie truckers wore thongs ,footy shorts and blue singlets ,but now a lot seem to be wearing company uniforms.They CAN get caught behind the pedal when moving from one to the other. I've done it, I do it now (sometimes), but I can see and have experienced it myself so know it can occur.And it's not just the floppy ribber flip flops, the big wide ones are almost worse in some cases. He was obviously comfortable but i don't think i could drive wearing them.He runs a Mack with an electronic "fly-by-wire" throttle.

Travelling with him, I noticed he threw his boots off once inside the cab, and he drove barefoot.

There was a time when the local police enforced the "no bare feet when driving" rule. However, flip flops are definitely dangerous because they aren't attached firmly to your feet and can be caught up in, or under, pedals.

I think women, in general, are far more dangerous than any item of footwear!

I asked him why, and he said the electronic throttles are exceptionally touchy - and wearing boots, masks any "feel" for the torque being applied, particularly at takeoff from a static position.

Applying clutch and throttle to get 120 tonnes moving initially, requires a delicate touch and careful application of revs and torque.

Living in San Diego, flip flops are about the only type of shoes I wear and I haven't banged any of my vehicles in a decade plus.