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David pelletier and tessa bonhomme dating

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Bonhomme doesn't yet know what her first outfit looks like, but she's prepared for sequins.“I talked to a couple of the girls who are skating on the show.

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She holds Canadian nationality and belongs to White American ethnicity. She studies psychology at the University of Windsor and is currently studying the degree at the University of Western, Ontario.Bonhomme added she didn't think she would enjoy figure skating as much as she has. “Wipeout was a TV show I'd seen and I always said 'if I ever get the chance to do that, there's no way I'm ever letting that pass by' and I did it,” Bonhomme says. The men typically arrive on set and struggle skating on blades with toe picks. She can't recall ever wearing figure skates in her life until she started training for the TV show in mid-July.“When you do catch a toe-pick, you are down before you even know you are falling,” she said.She must stay muscular for her upcoming season with her Toronto team in the Canadian Women's Hockey League, as well as for her stints with the national team this winter.

She can't afford to de-bulk in order to be lighter for figure skating. “I was worried they'd be able to find someone who is able to lift me, but David is so powerful and strong and good at what he does, he just makes it look so easy.” Pelletier expects to constantly be asked about lifting Bonhomme in the air, but he says it's not an issue.

The winning skaters get $100,000 for the charity of their choice.

Bonhomme also earned an appearance on Wipeout Canada's athletes' edition last year.

One of the reasons Bonhomme made the 2010 Olympic team roster was because of her fluid skating, forwards and backwards.

Pelletier believes those skills will help her on the show.

The talented ice dancer started her career with Moir, where they both were teamed up in 1997.