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Despite Avatar being his only movie made to date in 3D, Cameron is the most successful 3D film-maker in terms of box-office revenue.In the time between making Titanic and Avatar, Cameron spent several years creating many documentary films (specifically underwater documentaries) and co-developed the digital 3D Fusion Camera System.

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After he was fired, Ovidio invited Cameron to stay on location and assist in the shooting.The original director, Miller Drake, left the project due to creative differences with producer Ovidio Assonitis, who then gave Cameron his first job as director.The interior scenes were filmed in Rome, Italy, while the underwater sequences were shot at Grand Cayman Island. On location, production slowed due to numerous problems and adverse weather.Cameron enrolled at Fullerton College, a two-year community college, in 1973 to study physics.He switched to English, then dropped out before the start of the fall 1974 semester.After completing a screenplay for The Terminator, Cameron decided to sell it so that he could direct the movie.

However, the production companies he contacted, while expressing interest in the project, were unwilling to let a largely inexperienced feature film director make the movie.

They dismantled the camera to understand how to operate it and spent the first half-day of the shoot trying to figure out how to get it running.

He was the director, writer, producer, and production designer for Xenogenesis (1978).

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In October 2013, a new species of frog Pristimantis jamescameroni from Venezuela was named after him in recognition of his efforts in environmental awareness, in addition to his public promotion of veganism.