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Spot weld fasteners can be welded with the same electrodes, weld settings and equipment used in normal production of components and assemblies. Repeated hits add nothing to the strength or appearance of the weld and may damage the work.OHIO Weld Fasteners produce primary fastener foundations faster and more efficiently for less in-place cost than many other fastening methods. An average weld takes from three to fifteen cycles.

The more bearing surface, the longer the electrode life.Machines are available from 10 KVA to 75 KVA or greater.OHIO Spot weld Screws and Nuts are welded with spot welders which range in size from 30 KVA to 75 KVA.Production requirements may call for large automated machines. Many OHIO Projection Weld Screws weld with press welders as small as 20 KVA, while others will require units as large as 200 KVA.Projection and Spot Welders Projection welding uses a press welder (above left) because the air cylinder is directly over the electrodes and the travel is straight line.DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement) Part 252 through its various sub-sections require procurement of materials that have been made in the United States or from a qualified country.

DFARS 252.225.7014 specifically relates to certain specialty metals. products manufactured from Stainless Steel are applicable to the DFARS clause.

Electrodes should be located directly on the center line of pressure application to insure accurate alignment and good contact for quality welds.

In projection welding, heat is localized in the weld projections of the fastener.

If you require DFARS compliant product, please include your request at the time of quote or order.

DFARS Website Buckeye Fasteners / The Ohio Nut & Bolt Company has solicited our suppliers accordingly as to their compliance to the Dodd - Frank law.

OHIO Weld Fasteners will not work loose under shock, torque, or vibration. This is an accurate method for determining correct current settings.