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At a 2013 event, Aamir himself, despite racking up more impressive box-office figures, declared that Salman was “a bigger star than me. He will shake his belt, move his goggles and that’s enough for the success of his films.” Indeed, of the three Khans, it is Salman who has spawned the greatest numbers of imitators, who sport the clothes and accessories he wears—tight T-shirts, leather jackets and bracelets—and, during screenings of his films, cheer wildly at the birth of a baby if they know that the child will grow up to be their hero’s character.But Salman is also by far the most controversial of the three superstars.

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A group of five or six people orbited him—entering the tent, asking him a question, exiting, taking a phone call, returning.He continued to get projects because his core audience remained so deeply committed to him that his films were almost guaranteed to open well at the box office, even if subsequent word of mouth caused them to fizzle out.But stories of Salman’s professional misconduct pale in comparison to the three chilling instances in which he has been accused of potentially criminal actions.He began choosing films with more care and took greater control of his image.Where earlier he relied entirely on his family to manage his affairs, now, for the first time, he hired a professional management team.This reflective, solemn Salman was a far cry from the person I had first encountered nine years earlier, whose behaviour seemed to justify the troubling reputation that preceded him.

In November 2008, I interviewed the actor, along with Katrina Kaif, Anil Kapoor and Zayed Khan, all of whom were promoting the producer and director Subhash Ghai’s film .

In the first two decades of his career, he had a reputation for being rude, aggressive and unprofessional.

He also developed a hostile relationship with the press from his early days in the industry.

I don’t know how long it will last, but however long it is, it was only meant to be that long.” But, he insisted, he would not grow complacent about his success.

“I will always give to the best of my capacity and keep reinventing myself— (a bit more, and then some more),” he said.

A make-up artist came over and dabbed colour on his beard and moustache.