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Michawl Almereyda gives not a single damn about outsmarting his viewers or his viewers outsmarting him.Like him or not, there’s no point denying how well he’s aged as a filmmaker throughout his extensive career.

Working from Jordan Harrison’s Pulitzer Prize-nominated play of the same name, Almereyda presents a tale of generational grief, in which elderly Marjorie (Lois Smith, reprising her role from the original play) is kept company in her modern seaside abode by a hologram modeled after her late husband, Walter (Jon Hamm).Still, with Oscar picks like Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea flanking critical darlings like The Handmaiden and a handful of our picks for the best movies of 2017, like The Lost City of Z, It Comes At Night, Marjorie Prime and A Ghost Story, Amazon Primeis proving to have an eclectic collection of stuff you won’t be able to find anywhere else.This month, Prime added (or re-added) such cinematic staples as Texas Chain Saw Massacre and The Conversation, though it did away with Bloodsport and Point Break, the service’s most obvious losses.What he pulls off instead is a good deal trickier, thanks in large part to expectation and custom.Demon gets under the skin, distorting perception while corrupting bliss at the same time, and even with a plate that full the film finds room for pitch black humor and a slice of nationalism: Toward the narrative’s climax, one wedding guest, totally blotto, rants aloud about the good old days, when everyone was Polish and no one freaked out when strangers talked to ghosts. Marjorie Prime Year: 2017 Director: Michael Almereyda Marjorie Prime is an elusive movie.But despite his best efforts, Refn sustains such an overarching, creeping atmosphere of despair—such a deeply ingrained sense of looming physical imperfection, of death—that it never really matters if The Neon Demon doesn’t add up to much of anything in the end. The Blackcoat’s Daughter Year: 2016 Director: Osgood Perkins Looking at his first two horror features, it becomes clear that director Osgood Perkins seems to have a distinct distaste for both plot and film convention.

His films defy easy description, as anyone who watched I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House on Netflixcould attest.

Marcin Wrona doesn’t hide in cabinets and jump out at us while screaming “boo” and flailing his arms.

He includes no unearned jump beats, nothing to startle us the way that horror cinema has taught us to anticipate throughout its annals.

Of course, you can also browse guides to the best movieson other platforms, updated as best as we can manage, like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Showtime, Redbox, On Demand, You Tube, Shudder and The Best Movies in Theaters. Here are the 50 best movies available to stream with Amazon Prime this month: 50.

The Neon Demon Year: 2016 Director: Nicolas Winding Refn If Nicolas Winding Refn—anthropomorphic cologne bottle; asexual jaguar—is going to make a horror film, Nicolas Winding Refn will make a horror film about the things that scare Nicolas Winding Refn most: asymmetry, sex, fatherhood.

Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.