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G dragon and sandara dating

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If you want to join the fans on a star search, the posh Apgujeong hair salons and Sinsa karoakes are solid bets for a sighting and acceptable public freak out.

The first female skater to place first at the Olympics, World Skating Championships, Grand Prix Final and Four Continents Championships, she has served as global ambassador for the Visit Korea campaign.In a country where education is one of the most sensitive topics (15% of the average household income is spent on after-school tutoring), 24-hour study rooms provide an intense and quiet atmosphere.Rooms are divided into rows of cubicles that can be rented for as little as $6 (₩7,000) a day.Earning the attention of art aficionados worldwide, internationally renowned artists fly into Seoul almost every week for new exhibitions or collaborations.Local artists are also rising to acclaim with increasingly strange and arresting multimedia works.From TV and billboards to ramen packages and water filters, girl groups are everywhere in Seoul.

They're now going global, with the Wonder Girls infiltrating New York and the U. fashion scene, 2NE1 dominating Sandara Park's native Philippines and Kara and Girls' Generation battling it out for supremacy on Japan's Oricon charts. Apartments in Seoul can now be controlled from cell phones and central keypads.

Drinking and partying is such a staple of Korean culture that an entire cuisine has sprung up around curing the hangover.

If a steaming bowl of haejangguk (spicy beef broth with congealed cow blood and bean sprouts) doesn't put you right, you're probably getting wheeled to the morgue.

Korea's most recognized dish after Korean barbeque, bibimbap is a rice bowl mixed with sauteed roots, marinated beef and chili paste in a hot stone pot. It's still the signature lunch aboard Korean Air flights.

You can get it almost anywhere, including local institution Go-gung.

Rich and creamy with just a hint of green tea tang, this is one dessert you definitely want to venture out for.