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Gay black dating site

I am in full support of the LGBTQ community, and I will always continue to do my part.' Luciano has since denied making the comments, claiming that an ex hacked his account and posted them. He said: 'I would never use the N word or F word describing homosexuality.

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Luciano was dubbed the culinary Johnny Depp online for his edgy good looks and charm, winning the hearts of the nation with his squeaky clean TV persona and catchphrase - 'babydoll'.Here you can find thousands of singles with STDs in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, England, Ireland, Scotland, and other English-speaking countries.A Master Chef winner has been forced to distance himself from racist remarks made from his social media account when asking about signing up for a black dating website, Daily has exclusively learned.I apologize for the drama and confusion this has caused'He continued: 'I can't mention the name of an ex partner that I was dating, even though this person damaged me mentally, physically, and emotionally, I can't lower myself to that level and expose who.'But my ex had made a few fake accounts on My Space, Facebook, and even Tumblr using photos taken of me when we dated and photos from my profiles at that time.'My ex would go on my You Tube account as well and bad mouth people's videos and leave racist comments and ill-hearted words.'This person had "trolled" my friends accounts and many strangers, leading to a lot of issues in my personal life, including threats.'Whenever we got into a fight, this would happen again and again, and I would continue to forgive until one day I just gave up and left.'I've struggled long and hard to get this person out of my memory; their "jokes" and pranks have left me scarred, and the damage done in my life to which some was irreparable, losing friends.'I apologize for the drama and confusion this has caused, and the drama I see that it is still continuing to cause.'The controversial posts - made from Luciano's current Facebook account - were unearthed by an online acquaintance who doesn't know Luciano personally. She said she learned from a friend that you can find racist and homophobic friends on Facebook by searching offensive words and clicking 'posts by friends'. Chappy, a fusion of ‘choice’ and ‘happy’ is the brainchild of Ollie Locke – of fame – and Jack Rogers.

Locke’s venture comes after a very public coming out after viewers of the reality television programme saw him date women including Topshop heiress Chloe Green and model Ashley James, come out as bisexual and then say he was a gay man last year.

The source said: 'I was extremely shocked to see what he'd posted.

It was a while ago but it's not like he was 16 or anything - he was an adult.'He always seemed to be a nice guy.

Dino Angelo Luciano, who won the latest series of the cooking reality show in September, has landed in hot water after offensive comments were found on his Facebook page.

The 28-year-old's account posted to dating site Black People in 2013 and wrote: 'I hope I don't have to be black to use this dating website.

Other comments made from his account posted said: 'Happy birthday f****t.