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Ben Affleck: The title is written not by either of us but by a friend of ours named Derrick Bridgeman, who we went to high school with. She wins the Pulitzer and then it becomes a famous thing, and then at the anniversary exhibition of her work, the kid shows back up. I never liked the name Nate, but we didn’t have another name and I just thought like about a black kid in Roxbury who had a white woman photographer who takes his picture and then the picture becomes famous.

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Look, once you see a cut of the movie, we can cut the scene out.I think it will play.” And it was just one of those things where when you’re in the quiet of an editing room it’s hard to tell what things have impact.So he screened it and it ended up being in the movie.In order for the camera crew to actually accomplish that, the actors had to play the scene without us shooting it.It was important to get the timing of the lines in sync with the camera.Both Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were proud of their film, but neither anticipated the response it would get after it was screened with an audience—or how things would play out in the wake of the film’s release.

Both Damon and Affleck found that fans conflated them with their onscreen personas, and when Oscar nominations were announced, they faced rumors that suggested they hadn’t written the script. So, I mean, that stuff had to be really hurtful for him because it’s completely untrue.

release, Major League Baseball did not allow their footage or logos to be featured in R-rated films.

In order to make the film authentic, producers Su Armstrong and Chris Moore worked to convince the Red Sox corporate office to allow the characters to wear Red Sox gear and use the clip of Carlton Fisk’s home run in the film.

And with an R-rated movie, the rule of thumb is “three ‘fucks’ and you’re an R.” You could rip someone’s head off, but you couldn’t say ‘fuck’ three times.

So we were trying to doctor the script to take out all the ‘fucks.’ We were like “Look, this is the vernacular of Boston.” Chris Moore (co-producer): I spent hours with different people inside the Red Sox organization showing them footage, inviting them to the set.

Anyway, we loved the title and finally we were like “Derrick, can we use your title?