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Smaller hooks exist and are marked by numbers, but those steel hooks are mostly used for very fine yarn and thread, and they won't be covered here.

This time around — out of the glare of the media — the duo got to know each other better."We wanted to get to know him without all the news people in our house," Dench told Inside In September, Info carried a story which discussed how a recently released FBI crime fact sheet for 2012 offers a strange, and potentially damning piece of information: despite public knowledge of a tragic school shooting that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, in December of that year, there are apparently murders reported by the FBI for the town.“Recently released FBI crime statistics curiously appear to show that no murders occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012,” the article says, “despite reports that numerous schoolchildren and faculty members were slaughtered during a shooting rampage in December of that year.” The FBI fact sheet in question does indicate a “0” value next to Newtown, Connecticut, for the year of 2012.So is this the latest “smoking gun” in an investigation of what many have already called a “false flag” incident, which the media has misreported as a tragic reality from day one? The present interpretation of the data, up to this point, has been that the FBI had, in fact, reported no murders in Newtown, CT, in 2012, contrary to the widely publicized school shooting that resulted in the deaths of 27 individuals, which included schoolchildren.It is true that the data sheet on crime lists “0” in the field for homicides in Newtown, CT, for 2012, as can be seen in the document linked here: FBI Crime Statistics Fact Sheet for 2012 However, data maintained elsewhere by state police reports account for the 27 deaths, which coincides with 27 rifle-related murders reported on page 12 of the following report: 2012 Annual Report of the Uniform Crime Reporting Program, State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, Crimes Analysis Unit 110 murders and non-negligent homicides listed in CT, based on data collected from local agencies statewide for 2012, according to the FBI website.but FBI data listed them accordingly, and under a different set of data indicating state-gathered statistics, since State Police had been the agency tasked with investigation of the Sandy Hook incident (indicated at

Hence, the data pertaining to certain homicides in CT, including the deaths at Sandy Hook elementary, were merely filed separately, based on data collected by state agencies that had not been included in the portion of the FBI document called into question.

A grandmother who accidentally invited a stranger to Thanksgiving dinner last year when she texted a wrong number has hosted him again this year.

Wanda Dench, of Mesa, Ariz., contacted 18-year-old Jamal Hinton about a month ago to ask if he'd join her family for the second year in a row."How could I say no? "She's like a second grandma."The pair met by chance last year when Dench texted her grandson about the family's Thanksgiving dinner plans — or so she thought.

However, at, violent crime data that includes reporting from both local can be accessed.

Here, 146 murders and non-negligent homicides are listed; thus, the discrepancy between the FBI and the UCR data, according to their websites, is 36 murders.

The relevant FBI data can be seen at the following link: Offenses Known to Law Enforcement by State, Tribal, and Other Agencies for 2012 In conclusion, the fact that zero murders or non-negligent homicides were reported in Newtown, CT, in 2012, according to the FBI fact sheet in question, does not suggest a cover-up had been underway, for which a low-key “admission” or public acknowledgement has been issued by the agency.