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That’s because the frequency of light emitted from your screen is the same as that of the sun, blocking the release of melatonin, and thus making it more difficult for you to fall asleep. It was only when I, myself, had decided to end my video game addiction that anything really started moving. At first, I tried to create timetables and schedules to regulate my use of video games.

What I learnt was that breaking video game addiction gradualistically was pointless. In the end, and maybe you can avoid years of mishaps by understanding this, the only way is to go cold turkey.Video game addiction isn’t just something lazy people do.And parents who think their kids play video games because they’re lazy are missing the point.It requires a great deal of honesty to tell yourself that you have video game addiction.It’s often treated as a sign of weakness to be addicted to anything, even though addiction is just the usual habit forming capabilities of our brain – gone too far.As long as you tell yourself that this is just temporary – that once you regain control of your addiction you can control the video games in your life. Sometimes I would last a few months before relapsing again. It always helps if there’s an external motivator to accompany the attempt to break your video game addiction, like impending university finals.

While you keep that door in your mind open, you will fail. The best thing you can do right now is to delete all your video games. When I did this, I’d last maybe a few days before starting to download games through Steam again – but since they take a while to download, I’d change my mind halfway through and cancel the download. I also made a list of all the things that were bad about video game addiction, and just video games in general. If your life was built around video games, then breaking your video game addiction can leave quite a hole in its wake.

Not to mention being completely counter-productive. If your kid really is lazy, then video games aren’t at fault.

There’s always a source that causes laziness – video games are just the release.

Have you wanted to learn a certain musical instrument, but just never had the time? You’ve just thrown off the shackles of an addiction.

Breath, open your eyes, and let your mind wander through the possibilities that are now open to you! If you’re struggling with video game addiction, or you’ve managed to break free, please post your story below.

Brainstorm a list, preferably on a piece of paper and not your word processor. Have you been putting off studying a foreign language?