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Numerous clinical trials and studies are beginning to show a more benevolent side to the “drug” previously thought to produce nothing more than invalids.The federal government should legalize the use of medical marijuana because it does not inflict the harm critics claim, it possesses known medical qualities, and it can generate billions of dollars for the economy....

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I will be exploring two papers, the first is Prohibition Works: Keeping Marijuana Illegal, the second is Legalization of Marijuana.The United Kingdom and Canada have both adopted laws that are directed at protecting patients and doctors from prosecution due to possession and usage of marijuana for medical purposes.Australia has passed laws, but has not put them into effect, and the United States has not made any allowances, leaving marijuana in the same category with other illegal drugs and allowing for prosecution if a person is found to be growing, possessing or using marijuana, regardless of the reasons....[tags: Legalization of Medical Marijuana] - Medical marijuana would have been helpful to my family-if it had been legalized in the state of Nebraska.Why is marijuana not legal in the state of Nebraska if it has been proven to help others in other states.Marijuana has been proven to help conditions such as cancer, seizures and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (A. The main issue behind Medical Marijuana results mainly from an ethical standpoint, yet this essay will refrain from discussing any morality and will strictly be structured through factual information.

Arizona recently passed Proposition 203, also known as Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA), on November 2, 2010 as an initial measure to decriminalize marijuana for those with chronic and debilitating illnesses as defined in the Act....

[tags: Medical Marijuana] - Legalizing Marijuana Marijuana is a very controversial and obtrusive issue in our society today.

Although many have made malicious remarks about it in the past, and even still in the present, the truth and beneficial facts of marijuana are finally resurfacing.

The United States views marijuana as an illegal substance within its borders.

This law seems simple, but a huge curveball has been thrown the government’s way: medical marijuana.

The doctor enters the room, asking for the decision, so he can start treatment.