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Hot chat typing

But you can save the megabytes by setting images and videos to download only when you're connected to the Wi-Fi.

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But that one simple question has resulted in three hours of Whats App-based 'banter' between your cretinous mates.Instead of scrolling back through hundreds of rambling messages, taking a screenshot of the proof that your pal said they'd arrive two hours ago, then cropping it and sending it back – you can now simply quote them.Sure, you'll still have to give your thumb a sizeable workout by scrolling back to the message you want, but once you have it, you can simply hold down on it, then hit the left arrow on Android or the 'reply' button on i OS to deliver your Whats App mic drop. Well, sadly it's not as easy as simply clicking the corresponding button.Make it easy to switch phones with your messages in tow Worried about losing your past year of mass messages?You don't have to put off upgrading your handset - just take your chats with you. Both i Phone and Android owners have their own Whats App backup options thanks to i Cloud and Google Drive syncing.There's an easy way to avoid accidental image embarrassment though.

In Settings meme you're sent further eating up your data allowance.

Hide the fact that you're ignoring someone Read Receipts) is a great way to avoid the 'I know you've read it' message rebuttals when opting to ignore someone.

Turn them off all the time, however, and suspicion might start to grow.

Each 'your mum' joke and unwitty aside at an ex's expense is now just a movie-interrupting, sleep-preventing irritant.

Well, no more - it's time to hit the big red mute button.

This will send a single message to multiple recipients, creating an individual chat for each.