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That's 6,000 work days for each Commissioner and I'll let you do the maths as to how many years it would take the Commissioner to clear the current workload.I say "current" deliberately in that appeals will continue to come through the TAC's letterbox for their determination while the existing cases are being considered.

Our father-daughter relationship was more like a typical father-son relationship. I was also a dancer and heavily involved in the performing arts which attracts a wide variety of characters.Almost half the number of those appeals covered tax disputes totalling €3.4m comprising a mathematical average per appeal of €1,500.Almost half the value of those appeals (€811m) related to just 26 cases with a mathematical average tax in dispute of €31m.This is all very high-level stuff especially when you consider that the level of time involved at hearing and determination may vary depending on the complexity of the matter at issue thereby affecting the number of years you just calculated.The Chairman also recognised at the Joint Committee that some of these appeals may be grouped together as part of a test case.It allows practitioners to advise based on the decision, to inform taxpayers of their impact and for commentators to discuss and debate the decisions in various fora because it's all about the information ... It's clear that change is needed for the benefit of both taxpayers and the TAC.

Coming back to the Chairman's comments at the Joint Committee that this is one of the most positive changes to be made in tax administration for some time, so let's build on that positivity.

Let's make the necessary changes and let's find out who owns that €1.5bn.

Tom Maguire is a tax partner in Deloitte Gretchen Friemann and Peter Flanagan AIB's sale of customer loans with a face value of €3.75bn is drawing interest from potential bidders including Goldman Sachs, according to a person familiar with the matter.

My mom began studying for her Bachelor’s degree when I was 2 so I spent most of my free time watching WWF and eating Doritos with my Dad for nearly a decade.

There are a lot of “Daddy’s Girls” out there, but I am not one of them.

The chairman saw the setting up of the Commission as one of the most positive moves that has been seen in tax administration in a long time.