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Kaeinui chwihyang online dating

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This is the best telenovela I ever saw (I am picky)!

Watched this because of son ye jin..min ho always the same roles..i was disappointed in his character arrogant till the end he never aplogize to her..loved the gay director his acting superb Enjoyed totally. The chemistry is real, and the role performed perfectly by both. I don't care if in Korea it was not a big hit, but for me it is. This is quite enjoyable and in the end everything was wrapped up nicely - all angles will bring smile to your face. I've binge-watched it for at least 2 times already. The casting was good - I think they all fit to their roles, especially Lee Min Ho whom I really see as some guy who looks like he could be gay. However, I can't really merit the show for best acting since there were a few parts in the show that seemed so awkward in my opinion - one of which was the scene where Jin-Ho was forcing Gae-in to go away and then suddenly he pulls her back; dang, that what was an awful scene. Pls I wan to start watching korean drama but I like the matured ones like secret garden or city hunter or secret love. Late about 2 years, I just finish watched it now :p.. 49 Days / 20119 End 2 Outs / Two Outs in The Ninth Inning / 200790 Days Time to Love / 90 İl Sarang Hal Sigan / 90 Günlük Aşk / 2006Alone In Love / Yeonae Sidae / 2006A Love To Kill / Jukilnomui Sarang / Ölümüne Aşk / 2005A Man Called God / Shinira Bulriwoon Sanai / 2010Athena: Goddess of War / Atena: Jeonjaeng-ui Yeosin / 2010Attic Cat / Damdaki Kedi / 2003A Witch in Love / 2007Baby-faced Beauty / Bebek Yüzlü Güzellik / 2011Bad Love / Good Love / 2007Bad Man / Nabbeunnamja / Kötü Adam / 2010Beethoven Virus / Betoben Baireoseu / 2008Birth of a Rich Man / Becoming a Billionaire / 2010Bittersweet Life / La Dolce Vita / Acı Tatlı Hayat / 2008Boys Over-Before Flowers / 2009Bread, Love and Dreams / 2010Cain and Abel / Habil ve Kabil / 2009Can You Hear My Heart / 2011Capital Scandal / Kyeongseong Seukaendeul / 2007Cinderella's Stepsister / Sindirella'nın Üvey Ablası / 2010City Hunter / 2011Coffee House / Keopi Hawooseu / 2010Coffee Prince / 2007Comrades / Yoldaşlar / 2010Creating Destiny / Inyeon Mandeulgi / Kaderin Cilvesi / 2009Crime Squad / Kangryukban / 2011Dal Ja's Spring / The Spring of Oh Dal Ja / 2007Delightful Girl / Choon Hyang / 2005Dream / Deurim / Rüya / 2009Dream High / Deurimhai / 2011Dong Yi - Jewel in the Crown / 2010Empress Chun Chu / Demir Prenses / 2009Fireworks / Boolkkotnoli / 2006Freeze / Peurijeu / 2006Friend, Our Legend / Friend, The Untold Story / 2009Full House / Poolha Wooseu / 2004Get Karl!Oh Soo Joong / Kaljabi Osoojeong / 2007Glass Slippers / Yuri Goodu / 2002God of Study / Lord of Studying / Gongbueui Shin / 2010Green Rose / Geurin Rojeu / Yeşil Gül / 2005Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho / Tilkinin İntikamı / 2010Hanoi Bride / Hanoi Sinbu / 2005Harvest Villa / Wigiilbal Poongnyeon Villa / 2010Heading To The Ground / No Limit / Maentange Heding / 2009Heartstrings / Youve Fallen For Me / 2011Hello Miss / Merhaba!Knowing that Kae-in would never let a man (let alone a stranger) be her new roommate, the straitlaced (and straight) Jin-ho pretends to be gay to get access to the house — and all the information that he's sure is hidden within.

At the same time, the DAC director (Ryu Seung-ryong), who actually is gay, finds himself attracted to Jin-ho.

Jin-ho Jeon is a very stylish young man with the perfect looks. The storyline is pretty natural in present days..the sake of survival, many people like Jin-Ho wanted to play fair but while doing so, must be sensitive towards those who work for him. She is a natural beauty, acting natural...everything about her is natural. The only great Korean drama I've seen so far was Secret garden and for a start the girl did not act like she was 10 yrs old. but i will be pleased if they will make a drama as a love team again!! Hope to see those two couple in another project together.

Jin-ho has also some faults which include being self-centered and obsession with cleanliness. The chemistry among Ye-Jin, Lee Min-Ho, Jung Sung-Hwa and Jo Eun-Ji is wonderful. Love this series, but clearly based on 1999 movie called Three to Mathew Perry who plays an architect who pretends to be gay while designing a cultural center who moves in with a woman. Well the same plot line except two guys in the Bollywood movie pretend to be gay to move into the apartment and fight for the girl.

Naive and trusting, she has been dating longtime boyfriend Han Chang-ryul (Kim Ji-seok) for years despite the fact that he takes her for granted.

One day, without so much as a word of explanation, he breaks up with her.

/ 2010Midas / Maiduseu / 2011Miss Ripley / Bayan Ripley / 2011My Girl / Mai geol / 2005My Girlfriend is a Gumiho / 2010My Fair Lady / Lady Castle / 2009My Name is Kim Sam Soon / 2005My Princess / 2011My Sweet Seoul / Dalkomhan Naeui Dosi / 2008Oh!