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Latin dating Morsø

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Nobody was exactly sure of the property lines, so as soon as she graduated from ­architecture school in 1997, Alex flew to the island with a surveyor.

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By that time, Alex had grown up and become an architectural designer, founding her own practice, Alex Scott Porter Design, and Bruce’s last and best plan was to have her design something.The Porters first came to Criehaven in 1971, the summer his oldest daughters, Alex and Nell, turned two and six, but it wasn’t until the late 1990s that he seriously considered building."I was getting older and older, and I thought, If not now, when? The Porter cottage makes the most of its unwieldy site.Personal generators are now the norm, but the Porters have challenged this by installing solar panels and an on-demand water heater.Bruce’s motivation for incorporating these systems, however, was more practical than ideological.In addition to portraits of the Crie and Simpson families, early residents of the 0.7-square-mile island 20 miles off the Maine coast, one mile south of Matinicus Island, there are photo albums dating back to the early 1970s documenting island life.

There’s also a copy of the "2010 census," a cartoonish rendering of the 20 family homes on the island.

" A Tiny Cabin is This Writer's Off the Grid Getaway - Photo 6 of 20 - The diminutive Morsø wood stove and its hearth of local Criehaven beach stone gives off enough heat to warm the entire cottage.

In their defense, the water was—–and is—–quite clean.

Alex sourced utilitarian features like cattle fencing and plumbing pipe for the loft sleeping area.

The interior is clad exclusively in white pine, the diagonal orientation adding visual interest to the neutral palette.

In it, a series of circumflex rooflines populate the page, save for an aberrant addition on the eastern end: a simple backslash of a roof, under which is written "Welcome Porters!