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Lonely heart britain floods dating firm

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Many come from Nigeria but, increasingly, ruthless criminal gangs and individual fraudsters in Britain and the U. Members can report concerns to a dedicated customer care team who take appropriate measures, ranging from a warning to closure of the profile and notifying the necessary authorities (including the Online Dating Association).

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I will spend the rest of my life with you until death do us part.But I told James that was the end of it and I meant it.’Mrs Hardman believes the clever ploy of making her pay the money to his ‘solicitor’ rather than him helped dupe her.But while the legal firm he named existed, they employed no one called Rod Thompson.He didn’t ask for the money outright at first,’ says Mrs Hardman.‘It was only on the third day that he said he had nowhere else to turn.I was taken aback and said I would think about it.‘I spoke to some girlfriends. And, while it was a large sum, it wasn’t astronomical.

So I transferred £700 from my current account into the account of his solicitor, Rod Thompson, in Manchester.

Alarmingly, they were running their scam from a house in Hampshire and using a reputable and popular dating website,, as a front for their deception.

Indeed, web monitors estimate that there are ‘thousands’ of scammers on With one in four people in Britain nowadays meeting their partner online — indeed claims to have helped create more than a million babies worldwide — it has to be asked: just how safe is internet dating?

The extravagant emails were not crafted by James, but by a gang of Nigerian fraudsters cynically targeting women looking for love.

And they were not operating on the internet via some boiler room in Lagos.

His photo showed a middle-aged man, easy on the eye, with hazel eyes and tanned skin, sitting against a backdrop of the Grand Canyon.