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Madonna dating a yankee

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I am willing to bet, though, if you think I'm wrong then you're either an A-Rod lifer or a Yankees fan, which puts you in the vast minority of humans and a group who is almost universally hated. Similarities: - A-Rod played in the Bronx for a while and Jennifer Lopez's famous "the block" is in the Bronx.

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The Yankees are still on the hook for his $21 million salary for this season.My mom is from the Bronx, I was born in the Bronx, the Bronx is in my blood and JLo is nothing short of our Bruce Springsteen. (Admittedly, when I was a kid, we moved to New Jersey so Bruce Springsteen also became my Bruce Springsteen.)3) Aside from Michael Vick, Tom Brady and that hockey player who murdered a guy on the ice, Alex Rodriguez is my least favorite person in sports. You can decide whether or not to agree with me, that is your call. You might not remember that when Alex Rodriguez was just a young baseball player with the New York Yankees, he was married (to a psychologist he met at a Miami gym! We don't blame you, ARod has been linked to more than a few (very famous) women.Some were just rumored flings, while others were long-term relationships he flaunted with PDA.“I know Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry and other incredibly hot celebrity chicks would love to date an Alex Rodriguez,” the slugger wrote.

“But,when someone like the ‘Material Girl’ gloms on to you, well, I just have to vogue.” When asked by reporters about other women he allegedly dated, Rodriguez denied past relationships with newswoman Barbara Walters, comic actress Betty White and the late Joan Rivers.

Sincerely, Everybody For some goddamn reason Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are going out.

I don't know why this is happening and I honestly thought A-Rod was already married to someone else at this point, but I guess I was wrong.

They are really into each other because they have so much in common -- from their Latin roots, to their love of New York, and their kids." Would Harper cut hair for Yankees?

Page Six also recently reported that Rodriguez recently split from Anne Wojcicki, a billionare Silicon Valley CEO.

"I know it was kind of the general sense that I would come back and play last year," he said in late February, "but being a Yankee means everything to me.