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He couldn She smiled as she pushed her sunglasses up onto the top of her head and brushed against him as she followed his welcoming gesture.George gave an embarrassed smile and backed away from her clumsily, banging his head with a resounding thump against the wall of the hall as he did so.s all right. George followed her through, somewhat bemused by the smartly dressed, sun-tanned woman whose appearance contrasted so greatly with most of his clients.

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The girl behind him grabbed his arms and pulled them behind his back, winding him as he fell against the side of the car.He wasnt sure though, why, there were bills for things like steel bars and heavy balks of timber.The various medical items, the examination couch and lamp for example, were also to be expected he supposed, but he hadnt a medical doctor or anything, although one of her associates could be, he supposed.Erica Wilkie FRPsy S, Principal Counsellor, EW Therapy Services the printing on the card said. To distract himself, he picked up the file and leafed through the various papers, conscious that she appeared to be returning his look with a penetrating gaze. His expression glazed over, and then, suddenly, he realised that he had been holding her hand for far too long. Feeling foolish, he dropped the file to the desk and opened it.He looked back at this visitor, no wiser about her business. The soft, tan, suede jacket and skirt that she wore, the immaculately laundered pale cream silk shirt, the carefully applied make up; all spoke of a woman with precise habits. As he had suspected, Erica adopted an extremely organised approach.It was the same two women that had pulled him from the car, but now they were dressed quite differently.

They had discarded their jeans and crop tops and now wore matching outfits in a menacing black that gave them the look of members of some sinister secret police force.

t too surprised when he received a telephone call from a woman, saying that he had been suggested by one of his clients and asking him if he would be prepared to do the books of a new business that she was setting up in the town.

Hed invited the woman around to discuss things and had been pleasantly surprised when he saw from his window a Mercedes sports car pull to a halt outside his house at the time agreed.

And then there were the bills from a local horse tack business.

It was all a little puzzling but he was sure that Erica would explain what it all meant.

Both wore peaked caps and sun glasses, tight, short-sleeved shirts, shorts that looked as if they were sprayed on, dark sheer tights and high heeled boots that came to just below their knees.