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***** 'Getting those new bull gates in place was a bitch, with just Jim and me the heavy son-of-a-bitches took nearly 3 hours to sit in place, balance and adjust the swing,' David thought to himself. plus, he had to talk with his mother about the Nude Day project.

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When a story talks to me, I just go with it; it makes life more fun. If you have thoughts, please feel free to share them with me; and vote, it helps me understand your interest - thanks!" "Aaaah but Mom, I'm hungry and it smells so good." "Then you need to get a move on it," she said smiling.He spun around and ran down the hallway toward his room ... The water stopped and the curtain slid back a few inches as David poked his head out seeing his clothing folded on the sink top and his mother sitting on the toilet. " She looked up and said, "I had an interesting call from Monica's mother this afternoon.Leah fixed her eyes firmly on the ceiling fan, and then Linda said quietly, "Maybe I should tell you a story about me." David looked perplexed and remained quiet as Leah spoke up again, "What kind of story Mom?" "You both know that I don't like to talk about my family, right?"I made a pot of coffee before dinner so it's hot and fresh; you guys want a cup?

" They both nodded and Linda busied herself pouring 3 big mugs and then she said, "Let's go out on the back porch, it's a nice night, we can talk there." They quickly relocated, once there Linda directed the children to the big swing as she pulled a large, comfortable side chair over so that she was next to them.

" "Damn Mom you never, never talk about your family, I've never heard you say a word about your Mom and Dad, even when we've asked ...

you always say 'some other time' but there is never some other time," said David his voice was full of surprise and curiosity.

Pulling into the long drive back to the house he was pleased to see the house lights welcoming him home.

It was a fine house, he thought, occupied with good people, even Leah and he laughed to himself.

She could see from the look on Leah's face that she was about to explode with questions; she held up her hand and said, "Please let me finish and then I'll answer all your questions the best I can." After another sip of coffee Linda said, "My mother was a hippie, a real true free love hippie.