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Then there are all the weird looks he gives, the personal grooming issues, negativity about the other agents, how great he is at outselling the company, how he is doing work on the side, how he can pick us up if we need it, and we are back to looking at my daughter and giving us the creepy smile!

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Helmuth Chamale told me that he would take over our home that did not sell.Please let others know about his scam and falsely introducing himself as a Realtor.. Real Estate Investment Solutions Promised refund but never paid as promised , Internet Original date of payment was on 8/11/2010.Our home is at the point of going to foreclosure because of his bad intentions. I submitted for refund on 10/5, then via mail per request and again 1/22/11 nothing refunded thus far.He found some of the most minor issues with everything to the point we agreed to walk away and the changes be made by another contractor.At this point we were 95% done so no way in hell we thought our $18k would be cut down to $3500 for changes and penalties....this point I just want to take them to court because after reading all the reviews they do this often so now its about the principle.National Real Estate Solutions NRES Nonpayment for contracted services Thousand Oaks California This company provides mortgage field services, engaging with property preservation contractors to perform maintenance on vacant/foreclosed homes on behalf of the banks that control/own the properties.

My company was contracted to perform a variety of services, totaling over $2,000. As of today, 1/17/2017, no payment has been rendered, even though the work performed was approved by an NRES quality control review and the property has since been listed by a real estate agent.

The syndicates have denied coverage for the losses caused by the alleged frauds for several reasons.

They claim their policies exclude any loss involving any dishonest, fraudulent or malicious act or theft by any employee of the assured with certain exceptions.

And they have the nerve to still contact me to do more work orders.

I am looking for the right attorney to take my case.

my employees want to be paid in full every Friday regardless if I get a check or not so this company put me in a very tight position so tight that I laid off half my staff and sold half my trucks to pay my bills and make ends meet.