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Online support groups sexual abuse victims

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Here we do more than just 'deal with' rape & sexual abuse - we learn from each other, reclaim our lives, and become stronger because of our experiences. We also have a number of additional forums for coping with the aftermath of rape and sexual abuse, such as: , for games, jokes, and quizzes.

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We are DID-friendly; alters (whether adults or "littles") are welcome here. No matter how, where, when it happened or by whom, we are here to help you. Congratulations on your first steps toward healing. Survivors Chat - Working together and moving forward **If you are in a crisis situation** Please see our resources. We are just fellow survivors of abuse and other trauma who are trying to create a safe place here.Dedicated to survivors of rape and abuse Welcome to the Survivors Chat Community!We are a site dedicated to survivors of rape, incest and abuse whether sexual, physical, emotional, mental, psychological, verbal, RA or SRA.Many members find that they share the same concerns and problems.As a result, the message board is a wonderful place to get encouragement and practical advice on nearly any concern you might have.Patti Levin, and the founder of the DID organization An Infinite Mind.

More info on guest speakers, and transcripts from past chats, are available here.

Expert Judith Herman writes that, "[t]raumatic events destroy the sustaining bond between individual and community. Available 24 hours a day and free of charge to any survivor who has internet access, the online community offers victims of sexual violence a refuge to share experiences, seek advice, and provide support. The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.

Click here to join the Pandy's rape & sexual abuse message board, chat room, and online support group, and post your own questions and comments.

If you have need for this site, we first want to say that we are sorry for whatever circumstances have brought you here, but we are glad you've found us. You are worthy of help and you deserve another chance. Note: Survivors Chat is for survivors and their supporters only. We encourage everybody to find a professional therapist to talk to in real life.

We are honoured to provide a safe and comforting environment for you to share your feelings and be accepted. By participating in our site, you acknowledge that we are not therapists, and you will not use this as a substitute for professional advice.

It hit me real hard and I had a rough time during the last months. The first person was a friend while in high school.