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Passed legislation mandating

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The immediate goal after a bill is introduced is to have the committee chairs agree to schedule a public hearing in the committee to which the bill was referred.

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“They will only hurt the law-abiding citizens like hunters and sportsmen who, for the record, contribute millions to the state’s economy.” Here’s how the ammo permit bill – if it becomes law – would work: Prior to gun owners purchasing ammunition at a local store, they first must pay the one-time $50 fee and be subject to a background check.If they pass, their name is placed on an electronic list of those eligible to purchase ammunition.If a person’s name is not on the list, he or she can’t buy ammo.All the anti-Second Amendment laws will do is cost California gun stores and ammo retailers business – potentially creating employee layoffs in the process.Gun-owning residents simply will opt to buy their ammunition online and venture into a bordering state to fulfill their needs.In the latest assault on gun ownership, California passes an ammo permit fee where residents must pay $50 and submit to a background check.

If the check is passed, their name is placed on an electronic list of those eligible to purchase ammunition.

Between ammo grabbing by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the California ammo permit law, gun owners in the West Coast state may soon be entirely out of bullets.

Making it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to obtain guns and ammunition may only increase the growing crime rate in the nation’s most populous state.

With a positive vote from the committee, advocates can work with the bill sponsors to get the senior leaders in each chamber to call for a floor vote for the bill. WBI will call on its supporters to help compel key Mass politicians to agree to that floor vote. [email protected] office phone: 617-722-1230 Here is the list of all sponsors: Diana Di Zoglio, Frank I.

For now, we want everyone to thank the prime sponsor, Sen.

Another bill, SB 374, outlawed “large-capacity” magazines (over 10 rounds) and detachable magazines.