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Paula abdul ryan seacrest dating

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Before going in to see the three judges, Goodspeed told host Ryan Seacrest that she was Abdul's biggest fan, and showed off life-sized drawings of the star which she had been creating "ever since I was a little kid".Clearly nervous, she was thrilled when Cowell told her that she bore a remarkable resemblance to Abdul.

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I thought I would find it really interesting, but I am actually not that interested in it at all.Police found Abdul CDs and pictures in the vehicle, along with prescription drugs.She was reported missing by her mother and her body was recovered on Tuesday night.But, as the show goes into its penultimate week in existence, Abdul dropped a bombshell: She almost quit the show on her first day back in 2002.In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the former "Idol" judge recounted a story from a couple years back when a sound engineer from her first day on the job with Cowell and Jackson reminded her of how tough it really was.But can you imagine if she had actually quit the show before it ever aired in the summer of 2002?

See photos of all of the "American Idol" winners: It truly is hard to imagine: Without the trio of Simon, Paula and Randy, "American Idol" arguably never would've been what it ended up being.

There's also footage of Kelly's Audition in Dallas, Texas..including her switching places with judge Randy Jackson.

In addition,it shows the judge narrowing it down from 45 hopefulls to the 30 who would be seen on the premiere. It has footage of the contestants singing together(They sung "That's What Friends Are For","California Dreamin",and "Joy To The World"),and singing individually.

The Ryan Seacrest-hosted music competition is making the jump from Fox to ABC, two years after it was given a huge farewell season on its prior network.

It will return to screens on Sunday, March 11 at 8pm ET. The network splashed out on a reported multi-million dollar contract to sign Katy Perry as its brand new head judge.

"I don't think any artist on earth could sing with that much metal in your mouth. When fellow judge Randy Jackson interjected that braces were perfectly normal, Cowell sneered: "That's like a bridge... It must have gone crazy."Posting on her My Space page after the audition, she said: "It's very hard reading such awful things being written about yourself or hearing things being said...