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Paula zahn dating 2016

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Dogged investigators spend 15 years searching several states, only to find a killer close to home.A Nashville mother is terrified to discover her daughter, 9-year-old Marcia Trimble, has vanished while delivering cookies around the neighborhood.

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Residents are horrified when the beloved mother and hairstylist is found dead.As Jennifer is taken hostage by an unstable man, she soon connects with a 911 operator who will stop at nothing to see that Jennifer makes it out alive.When dozens of women vanish from the sunshine state in the late 60s, they're presumed runways.Years later, she discovered she never really knew him at all.By the time she finally realized, she was already his unwilling accomplice.Soon, secret lives will be unlocked and suspects will emerge.

A loving, churchgoing grandmother is found stabbed to death in her apartment, leaving Joe Kenda to wonder what sort of monster could do such a thing.

He's thought to be the victim of brutal gang violence, but a tip soon leads police to the victim's ex. And it's a mistake that will cost Jayne her life.

When new evidence is unearthed years later, it's clear the police were dead wrong.17-year-old Mary Jayne Jones is full of nubile innocence when she moves to small town Iowa and gets a job waiting tables. Shortly after 30-year old Katrina Smith vanishes, investigators discover her abandoned car, as well as security footage of a mysterious stranger walking alone the night she went missing.

It takes 14 years for the truth to emerge from the least likely of sources.

Florida teen Karen Slattery is enjoying a night babysitting her neighbors' children, until a violent intruder bursts into the home and vanishes with no trace.

With the community on edge, police know they don't have much time before he strikes again.