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However, now that her power is no longer hers, Naruto inherits the leadership of the fox realm.However, in order to, he has to gain the power to lead, which involves 9 traits of a leader.

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While in the woods, he ends up finding a ruined outpost of Uzziogakure, the Whirlpool village where the Uzumaki hail from.Saving his former team, begrudginely, he returns to Konoha, but what he doesn't realize is that his transformation also create strange pheromones waiving off him that affects females who are compatible with him.The compatibility follows in stages (your choice in timing like Naruto's)Stage 1; A strong affection/crush on him, a lack of interest in other guys (Think Hinata)Stage 2; Increase of chakra, intelligence and abilities, to a lesser extent than Naruto Stage 3; The females emotions become more violate, the female's begin to experinces "heat" periods Stage 4; The females eyes become red, fox ears replace their human ones Stage 5; A fox tail of flesh and blood grows, their chakra becomes permanetly red Stage 6; The female becomes a giant fox like the Kyubbi (Less tails, can return to human form)The females have to include at least Hinata, any other female is okay, as long as they aren't originally male (Haku is an exception) or a mother/married. Message me if you take it Naruto, after gaining his ninja rank, is attacked by a mob for some reason or another.However, what he fails to realize, is that the project is slowly absorbing the Kyubbi into him, slowly assilmilating the beasts power into his own.The beast, itself restrained by the seal from his father, cannot fight back The change manifests itself in several stages (You choose how their activated and space out)Stage 1; Increase in Chakra and physical abilities. Stage 2; Increase in intelligence, increased ability to learn Jutsu, begins to sense negative emotions Stage 3; Naruto's eyes become red permanetely.The Kyuubi, who is female (MUST BE EXPLAINED WHY), tells him that she can save her, but both she and he must be willing to accept the consequences.

Naruto, desperate, agrees as demonic chakra is used to heal Hinata, who is turned into a Fox Hanyou with an older form (Recommend Shippuden) and becomes bonded to him, as he also gains a form.

Each of these can be gained by mating in a similar way with other females.

Hinata; Sacrifice (A leader must be willing to sacrifice his life for his people)Kyuubi; Knowledge (A leader must have intelligence)Naruto, over the course of the fic, meets seven other, non OC females who can give him 7 other traits that can make him a fit leader and mates with them.

Challenges for writers who don't have a major story to currently focus on...

Oh, and I'm going to say this now, there is a blanket ban on bashing Minato, Hiruzen, Danzo, Kushina, Hinata, Jiraiya or Tsunade.

But this time, you can make it different from the original one, by using new characters.