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Macron about his campaign and the important upcoming presidential election.” The call from the former U. President was in the works for a few weeks, according to Macron’s campaign spokeswoman Laurence Haim.

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“We have never seen that before.” The two top vote-getters among the 11 candidates on Sunday’s ballot will face a run-off election on May 7, and for weeks the most likely scenario has been a contest between Macron and Le Pen.Others swear Fillon—under judicial probe for misusing public funds—will ultimately win, as millions of Le Pen’s supporters switch their votes at the last minute to the seasoned conservative politician.As a few parents from Paris’s Left Bank—a more liberal and also more moneyed area—stood chatting on Thursday, some speculated about leaving France altogether, should Mélenchon or Le Pen win.In an Easter Monday rally across Paris from Macron’s huge crowds, a far smaller audience of about 6,000 packed a concert hall, to hear her final plea to “take back France,” and to block illegal immigration.“We are in a political crisis, and we need to get out of the E.U., drop the use of the Euro and bring back a national currency, and drastically roll back all immigration.

Barnstorming across the country, Le Pen has raced to mobilize her supporters in the final days of the campaign.

U.,” says Hugo Jorge-Novio, 22, a law student from northern France.

A history student named Adrien, 21, did not want to give his last name, since his fellow students at the Sorbonne University in Paris “do not approve of what I think,” he says. Many young people want to protect their identity,” he said, seated in the hall at Le Pen’s public meeting.

A year ago, when Macron launched his political movement, “everyone was saying it is completely surreal, he does not have a party behind him,” Haim says. “Emmanuel Macron did exactly what Obama dad: He built a movement outside of the party structure.” But his mix of left- and right-wing politics appear to have come at a price.

“One year later, he’s a favorite to win the election. About one-third of his likely voters polled last weekend by Kantar said they could perhaps change their mind before Sunday’s election—a high enough proportion to make the result highly uncertain.

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