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As an outfielder and pitcher for the Flamingos, Percy and superstar Billy Johnson partnered to be co - business managers and coaches of the Flamingos around 1970.Their partnership turned the Flamingos into one of the top black softball teams in local leagues and at Major ASA and USSSA tournaments.

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He lettered in baseball, basketball, football, track, and wresting and was also involved in choir and debate.He was named a Little College All-American for three years.Chicago State became a credited university and Percy earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees.He then went on to Loyola University and in 1971 earned his degree in Public Accounting (CPA) with a minor in Business Law, Finance, and Classical Languages.He played basketball, football, baseball, hockey, and ran track.During his umpire career, he always stressed fairness in calling the game, respected the players and the integrity of the game, called the game to the best of his ability, and realized that the game is more important than one person.

Currently he has reduced the number of games that he officiates, but does assign an elite group of umpires for 16-inch major leagues and tournaments.

Ron Braasch’s recruitment and fiscal efforts paid off as his teams won five Clarendon Park championships.

In 1964 his team finished second to the eventual world champion Bobcats in the World Series of Softball.

One time he gave a player a repossessed 21- inch TV - stereo combination and $5.00 a game.

Lou Lielinski, a top short-center of his era received a German shepherd puppy.

Besides using creative methods to sign players, Braasch was also a master of finding sponsors.