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So at the end of an easy day of…more My name is Sasha and what I'm about to share with you is a story of one of my recent porn movie shoots... But lately I've been getting offers by Paris movie production companies. Just last week I scooped up $5k for a two day shoot here in the states. It's a no-brainer to jet off to France for a week and get my bling.I flew…more Hello my readers, I am back with a brand new story, and I hope you will enjoy it!

The popularity of escort girls increased because of presence of single males and because of guys who are in relationship but want more sexual experience.I wrote this article because I met hundreds or even thousands of men around the world because of my escort work, during my escort career and I’ve heard many-many stories about fake escort girls, fake photos on websites, and all these stories.…more So I had to stop the blowjob before he cum, I think none of this Dubai escorts made him such an experience as his legs were shaking and he said I was his best cocksucker so far.I was happy to hear this, was still rubbing slowly his dick while I asked him if he wants to try my pussy.Okay, so if you read the first part of escort work after my porn shoot story, you're in for a yummy treat as the action got very hot.You remember I was doing a porn shoot here in Paris.He brought me closer and we started to kiss, he started to massage my boobs and nipples again, while I came over him,…more This nice little restaurant inside would amaze all the Dubai escorts.

Outside was nothing special, but inside it was one of the most luxurious restaurants I’ve ever seen.

My agency called me that I have someone who wants foot fetish, and he wants me for 3 hours.

I was thinking about this,…more I am back with a brand new story about my mysterious client.

I know that all around the word, lot of people are waiting to play some interesting sexual games, like different types of fetishes.

Today I want to speak about one of my clients with foot fetish.

Let me tell you some of my experiences that I had in London in this story.