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R56 I love Erik Edwards, His Rialto Report interview is so fascinating and he's so articulate and intelligent. He's been through some very difficult times personally, and he had a crazy ex-wife who pretty much ruined his life.

They managed to find his brother, who's provided them with a lot of information on Wade's life.Who knows who might see this posting and start bugging her which she doesn't need. It's good that she has someone looking after her after being taken advantage of by loser boyfriends and husbands. She seems to regret stepping out of the spotlight but she did what she thought would be best for her by marrying the wealthy fan.^ She's 79.I'll post a photo or two from it of what she looks like now if you want though. :)Desirée Cousteau, another big name in the late '70s, got out of porn, went back to school, and became a psychologist. Follow Annette on facebook to see nearly constant drama.Thomas came from a wealthy family, so he didn't really need to do porn, he just wanted to.Guess he didn't have the patience to pursue a mainstream career. Here is Eric Edwards William Morris Agency headshot, courtesy of the Rialto Report.R4 They actually have an interview with Kristine De Bell in a piece about the making of Alice in Wonderland. It's a written interview, but she does talk about how she came to be cast in the movie and her experiences making it. I've seen her facebook and she is very religious it seems (and republican - ugh). It would be great for them do a write up on Wade Nichols life.

She's been battling cancer (first breast and then bone cancer) for a while now and in her most recent photos looks like she's had major facial reconstruction surgery. He was a great actor and by all accounts a very nice guy too.

Besides Georgina, Dolly Sharp (the Rialto Report article on her his excellent), Jennifer Welles, Veronica Hart (another excellent Rialto interview), Rebecca Brooke, Jennifer Jordan and Marlene Willoughby (her Rialto Report interview is very funny) all had theater backgrounds.

Both Eric Edwards and Paul Thomas were signed to the William Morris Agency before they were in porn.

She's got to be around 60 years old now and must have some good perspective around it all.

I hope she ultimately decides to speak to the Rialto Report.

She cut off all contact with people in porn and had even changed her name and they still managed to track her down. I don't know how they manage to find so many of these people, but they do a great job and their interviews are always in-depth and really fascinating.