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For example, a new couple that lives 400 hundred miles apart has limited time to see each other.

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Many people end up married with only a narrow base of shared experience.Once these connections have been made, it is very difficult to make dispassionate decisions about whether the relationship is working and should be continued.Sometimes older singles feel that they cannot afford to waste time and move slowly.Any personal problem that exists while you date will likely not go away after you are married. The idea that problems such as alcoholism, drug dependency, temper tantrums, physical abuse, or emotional dysfunction will be resolved later rather than sooner is only wishful thinking.The time to confront and resolve these serious problems is early in a relationship.Our relationship experts have used their decades of clinical experience to distill a list of 5 "dating reminders." These reminders make for a great checklist, whether you have been dating for many months or have just met someone that you really like. It sounds so simple and yet singles often feel that they are on a deadline to launch into a deep and connected relationship.

One Kansas State study determined if a couple will date at least two years before marriage; the chances of that marriage being successful are significantly higher. Physical passion can easily drive couples into a serious relationship long before they are emotionally ready.

He flies in for a long weekend or they meet in a resort town somewhere in the middle.

This time spent together makes for romantic memories and great passion, but it doesn’t tell either person much about how the other will react when balancing the checkbook or creeping their way through rush hour traffic.

If you grow your relationship with a dedication to these ideals, you can progress confidently knowing that you are creating a solid foundation and eliminating future surprises.

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