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Together dating columbia

Join Shay Roush on Friday mornings as we watch a powerful video series together called A Man and His Traps.This video will help us understand what lies behind common “manhood traps” and heart idols that distract us from being the men God has called us to be.

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Interested in going to an orphanage with special needs children in Guatemala and supporting the needs of the local community?Colin first appears in Goodbye, Columbia, as he runs into Serena each morning while depositing different women into taxi cabs.The two eventually become friendlier to each other and spend a night together talking.In Easy J, Serena begins her Psychology of Business class and discovers Colin is her professor.Because of their mutual attraction to each other, Serena agrees to drop the class until Lily uses reverse psychology on her to get her to change her mind.Do you want to help your student begin taking ownership of their faith?

Do you want to help your student transition well from Crossing Kids into Crossing Middle School? This special six-week class is designed to help your students take the next step in growing their faith in Christ and participating in the church.

At the end of the episode, it's revealed that Colin and Juliet are cousins and he gives her money to financially support her.

They decide to remain friends for the rest of the semester until they can date for real, but find this is harder than anticipated.

Please attend this meeting to learn more about skills needed, schedule, and travel. Contact Ron Smith with questions, or visit for more information. Because Jesus lived the life that we never could and died the death that we deserve, we have a new identity in Him.

The Hub is our gathering of singles ages 30-45 on the second Sunday of each month. Female high school students, please join us for brunch and a meaningful message.

Would you like to be part of a small group, but don’t know how to join one, or feel intimidated to take that step?