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While US Disney is filled with families taking their little kids, Tokyo Disney was filled almost entirely of middle to high school kids – mostly girls going in pairs dressing in twinsies.This meant we weren’t constantly being run over by strollers which was an added bonus.

We hit the major Unesco world heritage sites, took a trip to Kegon falls and walked the scenic Kanmangafuchi Abyss lined with stone Buddha statues.We live(d) in Orlando and have (had) passes to the parks to go whenever we wanted. We ended up going on every ride we wanted to hit and more.Would a trip to Disney in Tokyo be so different that we should spend a day of our limited time there? What was really interesting to me though was the age of the attendees.I ended it married, living in Salt Lake City, Utah and working on Pluralsight – and blogging. The move across the country is the first time either of us has lived outside of Florida in our adult lives.The biggest overall themes for the year were: Wedding, Honeymoon, Minafi (!We wandered for days and still ran into new amazing sites that were only small footnotes on our map.

Last time we were in Tokyo we stayed in the Meguro district for free on Starwood points.

Looking back, it always seems to amaze me what was accomplished, and writing your own year in review posts can be inspiring.

I start writing notes for this post midway through the year and build on that with things as they happen.

We ended the night around 1 am, in a bank basement vault converted to a wine bar chatting with friends.

The end cost of the wedding (this is a financial focused blog after all) was around $10k for everything, including venues, food, drinks, dress, tux, hotel, wedding planner, flowers, photography, string trio and more.

I’ve been doing these yearly posts for quite a while. Later on, we moved over to The Ravenous Pig for our reception. If you’re in Orlando and are looking for a great meal, we’d obviously recommend it. We were able to make rounds over cocktails (and oysters – which we both love) and chat with people before sitting down for a tasty dinner.