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Vegan dating in dc

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However, the District is also home to restaurants that serve a variety of diverse cuisine from around the world. is well-known for its historical significance as well as the variety of National monuments that surround the region.

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It influenced Darrin Wilkerson, a mental-health counselor in Los Angeles who administers the Facebook pages Beautiful Black Vegan Women and Positive Strong Black Vegan Men.“This whole vegan lifestyle was new to me and to a lot of people, especially in this area.”A new wave of African-American vegans Now the couple is among an increasing number of black vegan enthusiasts, from megawatt celebrities like husband-and-wife recording artists Jay Z and Beyoncé to ordinary moms intent on better family nutrition.Plant-based cuisine is featured at black-owned restaurants and in cookbooks by black authors, like 2015 James Beard Foundation award winner Bryant Terry, chef-in-residence at the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco. Go back for seconds of the string beans tossed with red pepper, toasted cashews and fragrant Thai basil, as well as a comforting squash soup made with almond milk and pecan bits. I also love the pumpkin gingerbread- its usually on the wired side. My favs are the carrot, Karen's, vanilla, vegan, German chocolate.“We are all learning at the same time,” says Wilkerson, 48, who also launched the Black Vegan Community on Facebook to share vegan experiences.

The switch to plant-based foods Wilkerson’s mom owned a fish market on the Jersey Shore, so he ate mostly seafood as a child.

Seeing a business opportunity, Brown and his wife Naijha Wright-Brown opened their own vegan soul food restaurant, Land of Kush in Baltimore. Soul food vegans now have plenty of options — flavors so good that, according to Brown, “you feel like you’re at home at mom’s house or grandma’s house eating that Sunday dinner.” Local vegans can find soul food all around D. “That’s the great thing about the time we’re living in,” Brown said “For vegans, you can find plenty of substitute products or ingredients that vegans use readily on the market.” At Kush, vegan barbecue rib tips, smoked collard greens and candied yams are among its menu’s delights. with a menu he describes as “a little south of the border.” Ben-Yehudah started his soul food venture in a garage more than a decade ago out of necessity.

Even grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods sell ready-to-serve entrees with a soulful flair.

But for the past 10 years, he’s stuck to a plant-based diet.

He finds support in the social group Vegans of Color.

They are in control of the diet and nutritional value,” he says. The Woodlands own a second Nu Vegan Café in College Park, MD, that caters to a younger crowd.