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What is kinkiest sex chat

“I know just how to begin.” “We’re at the theater and have taken our seats in the back in the corner. “You mean it’s a little kinky, nothing could ever be weird between us Trevor,” I reassured the smile evident in my voice. I’m getting wet already.” “Well, you see, I’ve always wanted to get a blow job at the movies,” he said. You’re making me so hot,” I said as I slipped my fingers inside my panties.

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“My fingers pinch your nipples as you start to ride me and I look around to see if anyone is watching,” said Trevor.“I take you deeper in my mouth, all the way to the base of your cock, the tip deep within my throat. “I pick up the speed and my warm, wet mouth slides up and down your cock, my hand pumping your cock. “I get up from my crouched position push the arm rests back out of the way before pulling my dress up around my waist.Your hand glides down the bare skin of my tits and squeezes my nipples as I increase the speed and pressure of my mouth on your cock. Your fingers slide between my pussy lips to feel my wetness and my clit throbs in excitement,” I say rubbing my fingers across it. She doesn’t like to experiment too much,” he said, a little hesitant.“That’s right baby, take that cock out for me and stroke it,” I tell him. “The sight of your cock exposed in the dim light of the theater makes me so hot I know I can’t wait to get home to have a taste.I take the head of your cock into my mouth and suck gently as you let out a gasp of breath.

The movie begins and I begin to slowly slide my mouth up and down the length of your cock, my hand following its rhythm.” “Oh yeah, Shine, suck it harder,” says Trevor a little breathless. I want to feel your tight pussy around my cock,” he says.

You taste so good Trevor.” “My tongue traces wet circles around your head’s rim as my hand grasps the base and begins to slowly stroke your length.

Your hands tighten their grip on the seats armrests as the previews end plunging us into temporary darkness.

In the car on the way to the show I slid my hand up my dress and let you taste my juices.” I say setting up the scene in his mind. “The lights dim and the previews start to roll; the smell of popcorn fills the air.

The neckline plunges so low it’s comes to a stop just above my belly button and the shadow of my nipples is visible beneath the thin material.

With a quick look around and seeing no one too close, I quietly leave my seat and come to crouch between your thighs.” “Your dress can’t contain your big tits and your nipples have escaped the V of your dress,” he adds. “Uhuh, I’m pinching them between my fingers and my pussy us getting wetter by the minute,” I respond and hear his breath quicken.