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Who is zoe bell dating

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Zoë then steps on Maya's foot, causing her to trip and spill her water bottle on the band's equipment's, therefore ruining it, halting the concert.

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The two don't believe him, but Maya then enters the room and Tristan hurriedly tells them that Maya is his girlfriend, who catches on and plays along.Miles explains that his dad wanted to send him off for a bit and tells her that they are "going to spend the summer together after all".However, Maya tells him that she's there to spend it with her best friend, not him, therefore rejecting him. Zoë shows a clear interest in him, warning Maya to keep her distance from him.They want you to smile and say: “Yeah, I’m fine, everything’s great”, because then they can just go on with their boring lives, and never think about you again." — Miles in #No Filter MC Miles (Self-appointed)Ballingsworth (by Dallas)Mr.He was good friends with Mike Dallas until he hit Dallas' car and ran off.

He is very close with Tristan Milligan, whom he started a relationship with, broke up with, got back together, and finally ended in them breaking up.

Maya and Miles introduce themselves, and he gets her to come see the concert backstage with Zoë and Tristan by telling Maya that he's with the band.

There is an incident backstage where Maya tells Tristan that Zoë's character on West Drive is getting killed off.

In retaliation, Miles flips and jump in the swimming pool even after Maya tells him not to do anything stupid. Miles walks behind Winston as he takes his seat, cupping Maya's shoulder as he passes.

As he and Winston take their seats, Maya asks him how he got on the trip last minute.

He stops and hands Maya his credit card and tells her the PIN number and watches as the two walk away.