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Witchslayer gretl online dating

They have done several version of Snowhite, why not Hansel & Gretel now.

I don’t know what Shannon’s charging nowadays, but I’m thinking it’s in the high four figures.This statement doesn’t apply to ‘Witchslayer Gretl’, but there are many cases where we’ve seen cheap movies that are very good. But similar to ‘Black Forest’ the movie isn’t a complete disaster. No, ‘Witchslayer Gretl’ does not qualify with its stiff acting, the non-existent director creating action by shaking the camera real fast, dead witches that disappear in a puff a bubbly smoke, Shannon Dougherty looking bored to DEATH, and the fact that the movie had like four different endings before it finally and mercifully went off… Not that we would know if someone actually attempted this feat because they’d be dead now anyway. Thus after watching ‘Witchslayer Gretl’ I must disagree with this.Regardless, I thought I had lost out on this movie since my DVR malfunctioned and stuff, but lo and behold if it didn’t catch the rebroadcast. So while this take on a fairy tale legend is different from ‘Black Forest’ and its take on fairy tale legends, they are equal in their crappiness. There’s a man roving the countryside slaughtering witches. The movies not called ‘Hansel the Witchslayer’ even though Hansel is the one brutally torturing and slaying witches.After the woman is involved in a drowning accident a few years later, she wakes up on-shore to find that ...

See full summary » A young woman enrolls at an all-girls college in New England to investigate her sister's suicide and is slowly lured into a witchcraft cult by a quartet of students who want her to become the fifth member of their evil circle.

Most people have read the story of Hansel & Gretel during their kindergarten time.

It seems that now is the time to make a different version of the fairy-tales.

Of course they have to show that there is magic..., when the witches are killed, their body is instantly disappeared...

My overall rating is 1, that is for making this horrible movie and spending the money to finance it, but don't waste your time to watch it.

See full summary » Twenty years after his encounter with the witch, a grown-up Hansel returns to the haunted forest, seeking revenge.