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Word for overly accommodating

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Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a progressive neurodegenerative condition that gradually destroys the abilities to remember, reason, and engage in meaningful social interaction.

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This belief leads to more accommodations than necessary.Elderspeak involves communicating to the older adult in a coddling way, which includes non verbal cues and gestures.An example would be looming over a wheelchair or bed in dominancy, or a pat on the buttocks resembling parent-child touching.An element of context is the relationship between the speaker and the elderly person.People in closer relationships will be more likely to know the cognitive function of the individual, acquaintances or strangers would be less likely to make accurate judgements of this.The use of elderspeak in more “warmth” and lower in a “superiority” dimension when the speaker was a family member and/or friend compared to an unfamiliar.

Generally, young adults use an overstated version of elderspeak when addressing impaired older persons.

In other circumstances, people may change their speech to be more distinct, a process known as divergence.

Furthermore, these modifications can promote fluidity of conversation and ease understanding.

In the workplace these people could be managerial, supervisory, and peer staff.

Severe forms of elderspeak contribute to discrimination in the workplace, potentially infringing on the basic human right of that individual to a safe work environment. Community or institute, meaning that people use elderspeak towards elderly people in the community, such as in the grocery store or the coffee shop, or in an institute such as a nursing home.

Ryan and colleagues (1986) demonstrated that both service providers (volunteers) and professional caregivers alike engaged in elderspeak when interacting with the elderly.